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Bookings Bolanos Island

No COVID-19 tests (PCR or antigens) are required to enter this private island.

Price of the cabins per night:

  • Sunday to Friday: $ 157.50
  • Saturday: $ 180

These rates do not apply for special seasons such as Carnivals, Easter, National Holidays and New Year's Eve parties

Transportation to Isla Bolaños by Ferry

Adult Price: $101.25

Children 4 and under do not pay for transportation as long as they ride on parents' legs.


The ferry departs at 7:30 am from the Flamenco Marina in El Causeway, Amador, Panama City.

The ferry returns from the island at 3pm, arriving in Panama City around 5:30 pm.


  • No Covid-19 tests are required to enter the property
  • The additional bed has a cost of $62.50 (single payment)
  • Does not include: the costs mentioned on this page do not include food or drinks
  • Remember to bring your original passports
  • You can buy beer, cocktails and coca cola in the restaurants $2
  • Iced tea and water are included in the price.
  • It is not allowed to bring food or drinks to the facilities.
  • The cabins and all the facilities on the island operate with solar energy, so air conditioning is not included in the price.
  • Each guest must bring their towels and toiletries (soap and shampoo)