Don't miss out on the exciting 2024 whale season at the Pearl Islands from mid-July to late September. We will be conducting whale watching tours every weekend from Panama City at $160 per person!

Things to Do in Bolanos Island

In this guide you will find a list of activities to do during your stay in the cabins of Bolanos Island. Find activities on the island and boat rides to the Pearl Islands.

Activities at the Island



Cost: free
Description: you can request the fins and masks from the host of the island to explore the 2 reefs that are nearby.


Paddle Surf

Cost: $20 an hour for each board
Description: the calm waters of the island allow you to explore almost all of it with a paddle surf board. Schedule your board when you arrive on the island.

Boat Tours

For cabin guests only.


Snorkeling in Boyarena or Mogo Mogo Island

Cost: $375 up to 4 people + $65 each additional person


Day Trip to Contadora Island

Cost: $400 up to 4 people + $65 each additional person.

Description: We recommend guests who visit Contadora Island by boat to rent a golf cart to explore the beaches, restaurants and bars of the island.


Whale Watching Tour

Costo: $475 hasta 4 personas + $90 cada persona adicional

Descripción: este tour de avistamiento de ballenas lo realizamos a bordo de una poderosa lancha de 280 caballos de fuerza (2 motores de 140 HP).


Diving with a certified (PADI) instructor

Cost: $475 up to 2 people and $125 each additional person